Text Box: ParkĄ¯s Black Belt Academy

The Masters of Martial Arts

Hap Moo Do (Synergy of Tae Kwon Do, Ju Do, Hapkido and Self-Defense)

Serving eastern Wisconsin in Sheboygan (920-452-7999)

Text Box: Everyone can benefit from Martial Arts study       

* Programs that create strong family bonds


* Improve student attention and life skills


* Promote non-violent conflict resolution


* Learn confidence, self-discipline, control,

  mental alertness


* Courtesy and integrity, basic tenets


* Physical, mental benefits


Text Box: Park's Black Belt Academy emphasizes:       

* Discipline, respect, positive self-image


* Value of persisting until goals are reached


* Follow high standard of values


* Bring out the good, increase quality of life


* Promote enthusiasm and positive reinforcement

  Resolve conflicts peacefully

Honor and well-being to humanity  Wisdom, Non-Violence



Ph 920-452-7999

Learn from the best       

Special children programs